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West Coast Travels

Went out to visit dear friends of mine in California and in Oregon. Here's some of the shots I got of my beautiful friends and the states they live in!

Balboa Park in San Diego (Right next to the zoo) is my absolute FAVORITE.

This might be a common face you'll see on Bella Bia. This gorgeous gal happens to be my best friend. ♥

This was my second time back to Catalina Island. I think it's a good spot to relax, shop, and drink. There are definitely other activities like snorkeling, renting a golf cart, zip lining (which was REALLY fun), etc. But of course it can rack up.

Top: Outside of Catalina's Casino. But it's not actually a gambling casino.

Bottom left: ceiling of a building that is within the gardens on Catalina

Bottom right: From a viewpoint. Would recommend renting a golf cart for a few hours to drive around a little bit of the island.

Although the visit was short, the memories made it all worth while. ♥

Next Stop...OREGON!

This was the first time I had ever been in Oregon. A close friend and her fiancee gave me a reason to visit when they made this amazing state their new home.

I also nominteered her to randomly pose for me when the opportunity presented itself.

Meeting new people is always fun too. It just so happened Caitlin's cousin and her friends were also visiting Caitlin. I took the chance to add some new faces to my portfolio!

Portland was a fun new place to walk through. But I think it's safe to say that I am a gal that likes to wander away from the city. The coast of Oregon was my FAVORITE.

Something about walking through the woods to get to a secluded beach had me feel like I'd never seen a beach before. The fact that there is no parking lot or building structure within steps from the beach was amazing to me. Of course, there were beaches like that here but the specific hike there wasn't. I want to say it was called Ecola Park.

Thanks for looking! ♥