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Prep for a shoot

A lot of the time, I get asked what people should do in preparation for our shoot.

I want to preface this by I am down to provide suggestions, always! But I will always tell you whatever you want to bring or wear. At the end of the day, I am here to work with you to help inspire what you want to capture. This is a two way street. I don't want to capture something that is out of character for you unless you come to me with an idea/concept. But I do want to work with you to create something that you'll cherish forever!

"Should I bring any props?"

Do you have something that you cherish that would be good in photos? Of course bring it! I encourage you to bring anything that you want to work into your photos that you love. It's hard for me to recommend bringing things because everyone everyone will have different things that mean different to someone else. Don't worry about it making sense to others because these photos are for you. If you bring something that might not make sense to others, it's a great conversation starter!

"What should I wear?"

Here's what I think of when I have photos being taken of me. What's the photo shoot for? Family? Just me? Me and my husband?

For families, yeah, it's cute when everyone matches, but now people can blend together depending on what color or how matchy matchy you want to be. I think of color palettes. That way everyone can wear the color they like within that palette and they don't have to worry about not liking how they look in a certain color.

Photos with your love? Matching colors is always a safe go to, but I'm a really big fan of good contrasting colors, or if we have the same color, make sure that my outfit has a good accent color.

Just me? Whatever outfit you're feeling!


I have suggestions ready but I will work with you to figure out which location would work best with the kind of vibes you want! Wanting more urban vibes? woodsy? It's up to you! But don't think you have to come up with the location on your own. Never know, maybe one of the locations is your neighbors fence that has a bunch of pretty vines on it!


If you saw something on Pinterest or from another photo shoot that you want to do, don't be shy! I'm open to any poses you want to do. I will always have poses ready but not every pose that is possibly out there is within every photo shoot.

I want you to also feel like you can be yourself during out session! Act silly, act out of the pose! Those are the best moments to capture and are my favorite!