Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions that I commonly get. Take a peep and if you still have questions, let's chat! 


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How many photos do you include? 

This one is always hard for me to determine. It depends on the type of photoshoot. I don't put a specific number on it because if there are 100 photos that are great, then there is no reason for me to hold onto them. However, the smallest amount of pictures that I've ever given to someone was 30-40. That would be more for a 30-minute session.

Do you print any photos?

Not at this time. There are so many sizes and types of prints that a person can want that I've found it best to provide the high resolution [edited] photos to you on a flash drive. But you will have access to an online album so that you may easily download them onto your computer. 

What's the turnaround time for photos?

I always try to get some sneak peeks within the first week of our shoot. These are accessed through the client area on this website. Couple/individual shoots typically take anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on the total number of shoots I have to finish up around that time. Weddings can be anywhere from 5-6 weeks. I keep an open line of communication and let you know when I'm halfway through, wrapping up, prepping to mail, etc. 

What about the RAW unedited photos? 

I don't provide raw images at this time.

How many outfits will you allow? 

I don't have a set number but typically I recommend 2-3 outfits at most. BUT if our shoot is scheduled for an hour and you want to bring 10 different outfits, we'll make it happen! 

How long are your photoshoots?

For anything other than weddings, it's typically an hour. But if you or I don't have anything planned once that hour is up and there are still spots that I see for a good photo, I won't stop the shoot and you won't get charged extra. But to plan, I would say max is an hour and a half, min would be an hour.

I only see couples, weddings, and portrait sessions under your pricing, do you offer photoshoots for anything else? 

I do! I do photoshoots for families, lifestyle (in-home sessions), or even commercial photoshoots. I just display my most asked about shoots and the shoots that I can show more work on. My most recent work that may not fall within couples, weddings, or individuals getting photos, would be shown on my social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook!  

Still have questions?

No Worries! Shoot me an email and let's talk!

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