Behind the Lens

Through my camera I discovered how beautiful life and love really is, and I wanted my business to reflect that. Thus, Bella Bia was created! “Bella” is the Latin word for beautiful, and “Bia” was established in 2010 when I married the love of my life and became a Bianski.

Hiya! I'm Kelley. 

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 It's never


a photo 

For me, photography is a great reminder to embrace life and love and people.


Photos tell so much more than the obvious

It's not just about preserving one moment in time. They preserve feelings that come back to you when you look at them days, months, or years down the road.


This has been my passion for 11 years now. 

This is Drake. My husband and best friend. Life is such an adventure with him. We moved from Indiana to California when he was in the Marines and then back to Indiana when he completed his service. I admire the things that fire his soul. He's a drifter, handyman, and more importantly, a huge part of my life. 

A little about me


Keeping us busy,  our lives revolve around these little creatures. Consistently wanting all of the belly pets, we have our pups, Meiko and Manji. Our newest addition is our cat snake, Finn the ferret. 

Until next time! ♥